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„A. S. Apartments”

Wroclaw is a special city, where all social, night, cultural and culinary life is concentrated around the Market Square. It is the antithesis of other Polish and European cities, where usually several cultural and entertainment centres exist. It is unique in Europe. There are only a few cities with such character, including Cracow.

Considering the above, AS Apartments presents an offer of rental apartments located directly at the Market Square (almost 80% of our apartments have addresses at Market Square or Market Square-Town Hall), or no further than 70m from the Square.
Our competitive prices, comfortable furnishing and large areas of the apartments, our offer is a perfect alternative to hotel rooms. We guarantee comfortable stays in functionally furnished, fully equipped interiors that ensure privacy, independence and home-like atmosphere.
A.S. Apartments is not an agency, most apartments are owned or controlled by us, so we can take care of our Guests. We provide top quality services and look after the comfort of every Guest. Our management system received an ISO 9001:2008 certificate in hotel services.
Wireless internet connection is an additional advantage of A.S. Apartments. All of our clients value perfect location, comfort, as well as warm, kind and discreet atmosphere.

Our apartments are usually situated in historic 16th -19th-century German tenements, with unique atmosphere and layout.

Three things are important in properties: location, location and location. We provide all three of them…


A.S. Apartments
Rynek 18/4
50-101 Wroclaw
e-mail: info@asapart.pl
tel./fax. (+48 71) 341 87 59
mobile (+48) 888 750 888


  • The hotel day begins at 2 P.M. and lasts until 11 A.M. the next day

  • Please advice us if you are if you are expecting late arrival

  • We reserve the right to ask for a deposit 100 Euro